“My art is the one thing I have never, not once, overthought about in my life; or at all actually. It comes because it does, and I just draw. It’s very liberating and instinctive. It is honest to the moment.”

Fabian Carreno was born in Havana, Cuba in 1982. From a very early age he showed his talents and passion for the arts. His first portrait was a profile of his grandfather while he sat in a rocking chair watching TV. Fabian sketched it using an HB school pencil on a small notebook page. He was around 7 years old.  Never seeking out conventional schooling, Fabian continued to draw more as a hobby than a thought-out career path. With long periods of inactivity at a time, he would eventually always find himself drawing again as a form of self therapy or out of spontaneous creative waves. He would draw on a small piece of paper or on a 6 foot tall canvas pinned on a wall.