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  • 2013 Graduated in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (U.C.M.),Spain

  • 2003 Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.(U.P.M) Spain



  • Sculpture teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid. Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 2016

  • Secondary school teacher 2004-2017.

  • Honorary collaborator at the Sculpture Departemen of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid(UCM) from september 2013 until september 2015.


  • November 2018: First Place at the 12 Sculpture Award City of Badajoz.

    Exhibition from november 16th till 24th at the Museum Luis de Morales, Badajoz, Spain.

  • March 2018: 2nd Place, First Finallist of the "53 Queen Sofia Award 2018". Exhibition at the Casa de Vacas del Parque del Buen Retiro de Madrid, March 2018 from 2 till 18th.

  • January 2018: Rodrigo Romero one of the five winners of the "Tuenti Urban Art Project" award.

    Urvanity Fair, february 2018 from 21 till 25th. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid.

  • 2018 from june 21th till july 31th "Ephemeral", collective exhibition with the artist Rock Blackblock and Mohamed L'Ghacham at n2 galería. Barcelona, Spain

  • May 2018 from 3 till 6, exhibition at Context Art New York Fair. Pier 94 with n2galería

  • October 2017: “The Parcae” Santiago de Santiago Sculpture award at the “84 Salón de otoño” Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores. Casa de Vacas, Parque de el Buen Retiro, Madrid.

  • October 2017: from 19 till 29th Urban Intervention . Three sculptures selected for the Art Festival “Intramurs 2017” Valencia, Spain.

  • October 2017: “Darwin is watching you” Best Urban Intervention award at the Art Festival “Cohete Toledo”. Toledo, Spain.

  • September 2017: First Place at the “VI Contest of sculpture with recycled construction materials” organized by A.R. Los Huertos. Segovia, Spain.

    Exhibition from december 15th till january 28th 2018. Palacio Quintanar, Segovia, Spain

  • July 2017: The sculpture “S.T.T.L” Honourable mention at the biennial “XXII Bienal Arte no Morrazo Concello de Cangas- Frigoríficos do Morrazo”, Pontevedra, Spain

  • July 2015, First Place award with my sculpture “Ariadna” for the creation of a bronze monument in Guadalajara, Spain.

  • March 2015, First Place award with my sculpture “Reconstrucción” for the creation of a bronze monument in Sartaguda ( Navarra, Spain).

  • December 2014, First Place award with the medal "δημοκρατία" (democracy). Award for the desing of the medal of the Faculty of Political science and Sociology  of the U.C.M.



  • Odd Nerdrum collection.

  • “Reconstrucción” Bronze monument at the “Parque de la Memoria” Sartaguda, Navarra. Spain.

  • “Ariadna” Bronze monument in Guadalajara, Spain. Monument for the “Maratón de los Cuentos de Guadalajara”

  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (U.C.M.),Spain

  • C.O.I.T.I.M (Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Madrid) Spain

  • Luis de Morales Museum. Badajoz, Spain

  • A.R. Los Huertos




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